B & P Shadorma & Beyond: Hallelujah

To all his fans…

Lorraine's frilly freudian slip

I was deeply moved by the passing of Leonard Cohen. The poetry of his lyrics are markers of my life. This is not the poem I intended to write. Perhaps this week I will be able to compose the poem I wish to submit. Think of this as a place holder. But I just felt like I had to “say” something.

in peace above

he taught us hallelujah

he understood

that love was good

but never easy

within his words

where flights of birds

others loved his songs

and played them on

within his hallelujah

the poetry, it never stopped

each hour held another crop

his voice was smoke and whiskey deep

like a blind man, into songs he’d creep

just like another hallelujah

I never met, nor saw the man

never grasped him by the hand

to tell him how his words so moved me

all the tears he…

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Thought a blog might help me develop better writing habits so I could finally finish my book, 16 years in the writing, but so far it's mostly photos and FUN!

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