SongLyricSunday 11-26-17 Obsession

One of my all time favorite songs is an only slightly lesser known Indigo Girls masterpiece called “Ghost”. I have been hoping for the perfect Sunday theme and this one is dang close.

I love this song for its message, its beautiful poetry, and the way it highlights the Indigo Girls talents (harmonies, effective musical touches, etc.)

I use this song often in my practice when someone is trying to “get over” someone else. 

And I have used it myself.

I tell you what, if you are that person who can use the act of singing along (loudly and probably in private) to help move through an “ending”, this may be your new song.

Play it at full volume until you know the lyrics! Their use of crescendo alone is enough to energize yourself!!



no idea why this is all underlined and highlighted!!



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11 thoughts on “SongLyricSunday 11-26-17 Obsession”

  1. Indigo Girls are a group I’ve always loved. I used to play in a Celtic Folk band and their style always reminded me of that particular genre, so that’s why I’ve always been drawn to them. Love this song.

  2. Wonderful lyrics and somehow they along the tune and singer’s voice remind me of Joan Baez and her songs about Bob Dylan.
    It looks like all the text got hyperlinked and is linking back to a blank post page in your blog. Have you tried highlighting all the text and then clicking on the link icon to see if this is the case and if it is, then you can unlink the text.

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