Song Lyrics Sunday 11-6-16

When Helen posted this theme I immediately thought of the same song Karuna chose. I LOVE that song. Sly And the Family Stone captured what a whole generation was pleading for the world to get through music!

But my very next choice came quickly to mind. I LOVE this song and it is an anthem in my life, and one I play for others often. Juliet has a lovely voice and this song addresses the theme this week perfectly!

Help Me Understand by Juliet Wyers. (Worth googling for more of her.)

(Lyrics unavailable but mostly understandable if you really listen)

PS We might really need this song after tomorrow….


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3 thoughts on “Song Lyrics Sunday 11-6-16”

  1. Beautiful song. My prayer is that after tomorrow this country can still have a dialog between the two “sides.” And that both sides have the grace to move forward with the understanding that we are all Americans with a common goal.

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