He’s THIRTEEN today! a love story

This is the story of my oldest Grandson, Julius Jones Blank. No, he was not named after the football player but rather his Uncle Jones, who gallantly stepped in during his sister’s long labor with Julius…to give the Dad a break for his back.

Julius has been a spiritual being since he was born.

And he is gorgeous. I know I’m his grandmother and you might think I’m biased but seriously….Check out these genes.

Kid Pics from simona8-07 048

His Parents

a handsome pair104_0413





His Maternal grandparents and  three Uncles


His Dad and Grandfather

This kid has also been smart from the start. One of his favorite toys at less than a year old was this contraption that you drop a ping pong ball into so you can watch it wind down through a swirly tunnel. At the bottom, the ball is blown back up to the starting point again with a gust of air. Apparently that was too simple for Julius so he began trying out different things to see if they would float above the toy in the puffs of air.


Here he is experimenting with feathers floating

When he would come across the street to visit me, I would have all these expensive toys  for him (Hey, do I know my job as a Gramma or what?) but he had his favorites.


My giant salad bowl provided hours of entertainment, especially “music”.


And I guess his fascination with air propulsion continued because my fan and a plastic bag would keep him busy for hours.

back up ALL 8-07 177


Even when he was older, our favorite autumn game was called “American Beauty”. I named it that after a really beautiful scene in that movie. Kind of obscure and I would not let the boys see that movie but if you did, you know the scene.


Playing American Beauty at the school closed for Thanksgiving

He’s been a Master Builder from the start

And an artist. I couldn’t wait to see what he would come up with if I gave him a pile of paper, some scissors and some scotch tape. One day it would be a practically animated, pop-up type greeting card, and the next he would fashion 10 claws to decorate his fingers.For DaDa

a glass blowing class and a “paint like the Masters” class

He thought early on he’d be a scientist.


Science Fair at school

And he was born to be a musician, like many generations before him (mother, father, grandfather, uncle, step-grandpa, etc.).

Holidays 2006 027

first “guitar”

First REAL guitar



He’s a natural athlete.


Pre-Parkour  shirt


9-10 birds 010

And we started getting him ready for the only motorcycle fairly early on.

He can be such a goofball, very entertaining with his magic skills, sense of humor or just his face!


He’s always been in awe of and drawn to animals.

Pt.Defiance 6-10 115


He is the MOST amazing big brother, almost from day one. We had to cut him some slack that very first day when he asked if his Mom could please put his baby brother “back in there”.


He has so many expressions…

pre haircutlove my hat tooBack ups for missing picture folder 20512-18-06 257

Simona's12-10 102

MJ and JJ at the Zoo

This is the one I just posted for “Face” for the WPC


But here is my favorite look. It reminds me that since he was very young, he has let me be one of his best friends!



Happy anniversary of Mount Saint Helen’s Day, Julius. The day you “erupted” into our lives was the best day ever!!

Love you so much,




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