Dear Badfish

sorry about the flu but hoping some beach love is re-awakened!

I was to attend a fancy Maui beach wedding once which required “formal beach wear”. Found an appropriate dress but not shoes so shopped several high-end boutiques in Carlsbad, CA asking sweet young sales girls if they sold “beaded thongs”, meaning, of course, the shoe variety. Hey, I thought a flip flop with beads could pass for dressy!

The embarrassed looks on the faces of these young women, thirty years (as well as pounds) my junior, were confusing…but priceless once I figured out what they were picturing as they looked at me (and not at my feet!)

Thanks for the vicarious visit to the beach.

…and it was suggested I put the story in my blog. So there it is. The last time I told that story was as an icebreaker at the ritzy rehearsal dinner for a wedding I officiated. (The couple’s parents were Jewish and Christian, but my couple wanted a Buddhist-like wedding.) I figured if I could get all the newly-introduced parents to laugh together, things might go better the next day. Yeah, I know. I’m a martyr…but hey, it worked.

Badfish wrote that he had lived in San Diego eons ago so I responded to that but somehow lost my response AND now can’t even find his comment!

I’ll take the blogging course soon so I have a clue what I am doing. Not that it will guarantee success. Apparently, I have very bad computer karma, or a strange electronic field around me that often causes computer malfunction and death if I so much as wave my hands close to the keyboard. Seriously. When I got a new laptop last year, everyone in my household could make it work just fine, but me? No such luck. It was a mystery that so intrigued the Microsoft Store Assistant Manager, that arrangements were made for a house-call (unheard of) to witness the phenomenon.


Dear Badfish,

I grew up in San Diego (Pacific Beach) but have lived in the glorious Northwest now for many years. I still have places and people to visit in North County (Cardiff, Del Mar, Carlsbad, etc.) which I do as often as I can.  You and I had an exchange before about beaches and you said  “if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all”…or something equally jaded. So I started searching through old photos I’ve taken because beaches are one of my favorite subjects.

This is totally an experiment. Here goes.

Sand Art

 Kinda blurry but I hope you get the idea.

Oh and you asked if I ever found some beaded thongs for that formal beach wedding. Here they are.

Please excuse the sexy socks. It’s freezing here!!!

I wonder if it’s too early for a Hot Buttered RUM! It is New Year’s Eve after all.


Kathie (of chosenperspectives)

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Thought a blog might help me develop better writing habits so I could finally finish my book, 16 years in the writing, but so far it's mostly photos and FUN!

3 thoughts on “Dear Badfish”

  1. This is a fun post! I think you’ve done a great job of starting your blog and you already know how to do quite a lot. I look forward to seeing how your blog develops as you take the class. I totally loved Blogging 101. You will likely meet a lot of people there that you will stay connected with throughout your blogging adventure.

      1. Cathie, Yeah, I agree with Karuna…that story is FUNNY!! And I love that you posted the photos (even with socks!). And I think you may be right about a beach being a beach. I’m finding that now that I’m back out here at the beach(es), I’m loving them more and more (again). And I truly like that because I used to be a total beach kind of guy. If there was a beach, I was there.
        And you have your blog set up very nicely!!

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