Morning from ChosenPerspectives


Our task this week from the WordPress Photo Challenge was to post photographs showing Morning. I knew my ongoing favorite Morning place right away. Once a year we get to house, farm and animal sit for my “sister” and her husband who live in arguably the most beautiful place on the planet. Not that I have been to them all, but a visit to Friday Harbor, in the San Juan Islands will definitely have it competing for first place with your other top favorites!

We immerse ourselves in the non-tourist version of the Island lifestyle and spend our time writing, visiting various beaches, watching for whales, or gathering the day’s food from the garden.

The above shots are walking from the front door (top picture) around to side overlooking the pond.

Deck Garden 3

The deck where we sit to watch the sunrise every morning…

This is what we see looking out from our perfect spot on the porch.

and this……….

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We take care of the animals and water the Wild Bird Bamboo farm   ( )

as well as vegetable and flower gardens so lush and gorgeous, they are on an international Garden Tour!