Help! Someone stop me! Vibrant for WPC




My Grandsons, now 10 and 12, have always loved Treasure Hunts and Treasure Chests!

So for Christmas a few years back, I made them each a Memory Treasure Box. Every single charm, scrap of paper, toy, figurine, button, patch, and trinket symbolized something we had all done together or something special about each of them. Even the Popsicle sticks and gum wrappers were theirs. (Wow, that sounds a bit creepy now as I write it, but at the time, since they are generally not allowed any sugar treats, these bits represented special occasions.)

I strung the extra charms on chains that they could wear or hang up.

In each box I put a tiny notepad, with a tiny pencil, and a Treasure Map type instructions.

“Write down in your tiny tablet, everything in and on your box that you know the meaning of, to earn points toward the next Big Adventure.”

(I’m thinking I’m so cagey, you know, giving them spelling and handwriting practice, right?) Of course, they saw right through that and wanted to “tell” me each thing.

I relented because really, is there anything more special than holding your grandchild in your lap while you reminisce about your lives together?