Nancy Merrill’s; Photo a Week Challenge-“Something New” 9/17/19

Well, for my response to Nancy’s challenge this week, I struggled with the topic because I was a Professional Childbirth Attendant for thirty-some years….exposed to someone new regularly! Despite what my title implied, what it actually meant is I had the privilege (and challenge) of being present at the births of hundreds of babies.

My certification was officially to assist Midwives in home deliveries, but because of my lengthy educational and training background in Pre and Peri-Natal Psychology, I was mostly invited to attend births, home and hospital, when we knew in advance there was a high risk; emotional, psychological, or physical. Examples were planned relinquishments, known physical problems, or pregnancies the result of incest or rape.

I always took tons of photos and some were amazing but of course, I can’t share them due to the confidentiality of my clients.

So, I am choosing to re-post something I wrote when I was very new to writing this blog. Though it is “old” to me, hopefully it will be Something New to most of my amazing readers.

I have a great excuse for what might seem a bit lazy in re-posting. I am house and cat sitting for dear friends in a slightly remote (and stunningly beautiful) location. AND I have a very ill computer. It’s so SLOW, I am wondering how any of us tolerated the old “dial-up” speeds we started out with. A lesson here in patience, for sure….

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this piece. It’s one of my favorites. It’s all about brand new.

(I still feel new enough to blogging that I don’t really know if this is even OK to do or if it’s cheating! 😋 And I don’t know if putting the link here is enough or if I should copy and paste the whole post here for you. Feel free to comment!)


Here it is! Something(s) NEW!

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