A Photo a Week Challenge: The Great Outdoors 1/11/19

Even though I live in the “Great Northwest”, and am surrounded by inconceivable beauty, my first thought in response to Nancy Merrill’s challenge this week was a spectacular scene from a trip to James’s childhood home, Natchez, Mississippi.

Maybe these would be better shared under the theme “Mother Nature is in Charge” but it’s what I thought of so here you go!

I hope you can get a sense of this…the photos sweep from left to right, all of the same scene. That’s the Mighty Mississippi in the background!





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  1. This is known locally in Natchez as Devil’s Punch Bowl .. across the street from the historic City Cemetery. There are many stories of buried treasure and slaves being forced to live in its confines during the Civil War. I can’t say the stories are valid, but some areas seem to collect suspicions when the unknown lurks in their depths. The green vines are the infamous Kudzu, imported to stabilize the Loess soils blown in during the ice age. As many invasive species do, it worked but not in the way the importers expected, taking over and overpowering native vegetation.

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