More Variations from ChosenPerspectives 1-24-18

Variations on a Theme


I love them. When I see them, something confusing happens in my cells…as if there is a part of me that remembers a time when a cloud was just a cloud. Yes, sometimes it could have resembled a buffalo or a face, but it was just a cloud, no geometry involved

There was no one up there drawing perfectly straight lines across the sky…..


Can you imagine being Native to our country and looking upward to Father Sky only to see views like these?


And what if you saw one of THESE?? 


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Thought a blog might help me develop better writing habits so I could finally finish my book, 16 years in the writing, but so far it's mostly photos and FUN!

10 thoughts on “More Variations from ChosenPerspectives 1-24-18”

  1. Contrails are ubiquitous in our time. They are part of our culture, the age of flight. In the following days/weeks after the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11, there were none in the sky. We did not hearor see aircraft in the sky. It was a strangeness in our ordinary existence, what we were familiar with. On Wednesday nights in Spokane, I and several friends attend The Wheel (a gathering of friends on a knoll high on the side of Mt. Kit Carson for socializing) and we marveled at not seeing evidence of airplanes. In the distance, after the sun sets, normally, landing lights are visible, lined up as they approach Spokane International Airport across the valley, but during that period, there were none. It reminded us of what earlier humans experienced, and how accustomed we have become to the regularity of our times in seeing evidence of human flight.

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  2. Beautiful photos. No surprise, but I also love contrails! Beside the obvious ties to the Air Force life I was immersed in for so many years, I also love looking up and imagining where all those people in those planes are headed.

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  3. I like this perspective! My sister and I spent many summer days on the roof, watching the clouds pass by, imagining them being different animals.


      1. Look at the second photo after “Can you imagine being Native to our country and looking upward to Father Sky only to see views like these?” In the middle I see a face with an ear and a mouth and hair. There is an eye too although it is in the middle above the eye.


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