Sound of Silence for WPC 1/17/18


I love my son…more than anything else…in the way only the single mother of an only child can understand.

He and his sons live with me now. They are here to help me out.

I imagined his moving in with me would enhance our relationship…we are both old enough to be true friends now. He is 45. I am 69. I thought we would talk all the time, every day!

But his life as a single Dad is packed!

So it is loudly silent around here sometimes.

Music has always been a bond for us and one day, when I had almost become dissatisfied with his silence, he sat me down to share a music video with me. He told me the first time through I should be very patient, keep my eyes closed, and wait for it.

I did.

By the second run through, we were holding hands and crying, both so f-ing moved by this amazing performance.

You may well have heard it before. I have even posted about it before but if you haven’t, treat yourself to a listen, with an open mind and heart (and your volume cranked up!!!)

Ironic to be posting a song when the theme this week is silence, but how could I not share it?

Here is “Sound of Silence” by Disturbed.

Remember, don’t judge, just wait for it….It is everything BUT Silence!

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10 thoughts on “Sound of Silence for WPC 1/17/18”

  1. I am in love with this version of this song. My brother was holding his infant son who was cranky as hell and he started playing this song to him. It put him right to sleep. I cried watching it.

    I’m starting to learn that our kids have their own lives and are largely unconcerned with us sometimes. I hope you continue to find small moments with your son that mean everything. ❤️

      1. I’m the same way! My daughter is 22 and pretty much told me she doesn’t want to have to call me all the time. I get that she’s independent, but I miss her. All we can do is embrace the moments they do give us. ❤️

  2. Wow your son is one very good looking man- and what do you mean you’re 69????? I thought you were in your mid 50’s. Beautiful version of one of my favorite songs. Hard when their lives are busy and the expectations not what you hoped. <3

  3. I find this version of ‘Sounds of Silence’ so powerful with the black & white video enhancing it even more. The crescendo is amazing and then the silence… wow.
    It sounds like a very special moment shared with your son… sweet.

    1. Great description! Gives me a new perspective on the video.

      His voice is so clean and powerful. I saw him perform it live on a TV show and it was just as flawless. I have listened to more music from Disturbed and some of it I really like.

      And yes, that moment with my son…beautiful!

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