Busy morning on the deck


And out in the yard also…


These guys always look like they have swallowed a baseball!img_8363

And out the front window…

img_8387  img_8026


The Hummer feeder was frozen 5 nights in a row. I always put out a warm one at first light but one of the mornings there was a tiny bird glued to the feeder rail. I gently touched his back and he didn’t move. I thought in horror he had frozen there in the night. But my second touch sent him falling into a downward spiral. Luckily, he “woke up” and shot off into the sky. That semi-hibernation thing Hummingbirds do in the cold is amazing!

Here he is, just sitting, waiting for me to go get my camera…me thinking he has frozen himself to the feeder…


This is the Head Interloper on my morning Crow Feeding time. I think he waits here until he hears me CAW! Then intrudes like crazy on my 30 year long Crow-feeding routine!! He’s a real bully!




I’d be madder at him if I didn’t think his knobby knees were so cute!!

In the meantime, instead of assuming their usual Guard Duty Posts,

…the three cats have decided even inside the house is too cold for them.

They all found toasty places to weather this below freezing weather.



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8 thoughts on “Busy morning on the deck”

  1. I have three hummingbird feeders and one extra that I keep indoors in a dish in front of a heating vent. Every hour, I rotate one of the freezing ones inside and put the extra one out. I bring everything inside at dark and set them back out ten minutes before civil twilight. If hummingbirds decide to overwinter at my feeders, I make sure they are safe.

    Cats don’t do Guard Duty. They do Snack Watch.

  2. Love your seagulls! So many tiny webbed foot prints. I didn’t know humming birds were around in the winter!! Glad that one revived!!! Love all your captures.

      1. Oh and the baseball swallowing birds are Quail. I have a whole covey living under the trees right outside my front window! They really are quite beautiful. I’ll post a close up for you soon!

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