Words for Wordless Wednesday (is this cheating?)

I posted a picture yesterday of our sweet kitten, Lucy. She’s a cat now really, but you know how long the “baby of the family” gets to retain that position indefinitely. I know cats can be fascinated by TV but it startled me to see it happen with Lucy, and only twice now.

If you are a cat person, and also occasionally indulge in reality TV, you might even recognize the (bad) picture on the screen. ( I worded that carefully because I would not want to imply a necessary connection between those two categories of people…)

If you don’t know who is on the screen, let me introduce you to Jackson Galaxy (rock musician by night and cat whisperer by day). His “educational” TV show is called My Cat from Hell, and he  “helps couples resolve conflict and behavioral issues between them and their cats”.


Lucy, a typically hyper cat, sat and watched his show for the longest time. Go figure.

Oh and the only other time she has been glued to the TV in this way was for this program. (another lousy picture, but you get the idea.)


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