3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. I love seeing posts added to your blog. I know I asked you what this was when we were setting up the post, but I’ve forgotten. What in the world is it????? It looks like something extraterrestrial!

    1. All along the boardwalk in Mission Beach (San Diego), apparently to prevent to previous “owners” of the beach from hanging around, the buildings have been topped with these scary looking Seagull deterring apparatuses.
      Poop prevention, I suppose…but what the heck is the beach without seagulls??? I think this is for the Tourism industry because the locals learn how to dodge a dive bombing gull when they are just kids.

      1. Thanks. This is some good information and also vivid imagery! In India we have dive bombing crows and eagles. They will take your food right out of your hand!

        I haven’t seen an eagle do that for quite awhile but there was a period of about five years where one pretty much lived over the western canteen dining area watching for someone who left their food for a few minutes to go get something, or dared to unconsciously hold their hand up with food in it.

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