Memorial Day, 5/25/2020

November 21 162

3 PM, this Memorial Day, go outside and listen carefully. Someone might be serenading you, honoring the setting of the sun, thanking you for your service, or mourning losses with you.

If you are a trumpeter, YOU go outside and play TAPS for all the others, right at 3 PM.


see more about this here:

On the Road with Steve Hartman



In case that video did not work, here’s another beautiful option:



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4 thoughts on “Memorial Day, 5/25/2020”

  1. What a horrible time we are all having. The crazy people making their OWN lives worse and quite possibly many others are not happy. They are terrified that taps will soon play for them, so they will play until they die.

    1. so sad and in my way of thinking, such a waste. I hope and pray I would be that person who, given a potentially terminal diagnosis, would live (who is living) every day to its best and fullest.

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