In Honor of……..

Bill Withers, what a loss…


And on today, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., gone from the planet for so long, but never from our hearts.




I’m going to go deep inside myself to see if I can find what they might say about our current predicament….

I invite you to also.

Please share what you find in “comments” if you wish.

Mlk quote

Love to us all.

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5 thoughts on “In Honor of……..”

  1. Not one mention of April 4th and Dr. King on the national news tonight. There should have been. Thank you for sharing both of these videos. “Lean On Me” has been one of my most go-to songs since high school. Always somehow relevant and comforting in stressful times. Especially now. The video from around the world is so moving.
    The quotes (esp the first one) – fit right in with today. It’s hard to know what he would say, but it’s worth asking that question.

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