I’ve been missing from the Blogosphere for a while…a little distracted by everyday life…and a few relatively minor “first world” problems…well, they will seem minor someday, I’m sure…

A small leak, needing a plumber to fix it…but in my wonderful, century-old house, it was a $30,000 to $40,000 job!!! The exact death knell for my home I’ve been dreading for 45 years.

Luckily, James is a genius and figured out the $5,000 to $7,000 version that buys us some more years here. He has done an amazing job of creative plumbing, as well as a “might as well do it now” kitchenette remodel for the tiny basement apartment we live in here. We shifted down so my son and growing grandsons could live upstairs where the ceilings heights are normal. That way, they don’t end up with banged heads and visits to the chiropractor from all the ducking it required for them down here.

It’s been distracting and stressful.

Why is it that when I go camping, some bottled water, a freshwater stream and maybe the luxury of a porta-potty are more than enough. But no running water in my home for 8 or 9 days is enough to send me over some edge I didn’t know existed. That means no dish washing or shower or laundry or certain kinds of cooking, or the biggie, no TOILET all this time.

I do have to say, James and the guys made sure MY bathroom was up and running first. I claimed it as mine when we first moved downstairs. I decorated it perfectly for my taste, all aqua and frilly, and have called it the “Girl Bathroom” ever since. The guys have two other bathrooms, but in our current crisis, their’s are not restored to a usable state yet…so I’m sharing.

Have I mentioned I live with SIX MEN?

Having NOT grown up, or lived for any length of time in a Third World situation, I am now way too old to haul my own water. This current situation has highlighted, LOUDLY, how amazing it is, and how lucky we are to have fresh, running water…and these days, with the new faucets and such, you can literally just wave your hand, and voila, clean, hot or cold running water, 

I tell you what, I am now Matt Damon’s biggest fan.

There are the other, expected construction zone inconveniences of course.

I mean, below is my living room.


These piles will be cleared up eventually, and I can see the beginnings of a real kitchenette, after more than 40 years of makeshift counters, shelves, and a 1930’s enameled, cast-iron sink and drawer unit, grabbed from an old Seattle apartment building destruction. Most of the college students and single Mom’s I’ve rented to over the years thought it was “cool”.

Out with the old…

But in the mean time, I cherish my outside moments each day even more than usual.

And sent just for me to brighten my day, look who I found while watering my Fuchsia.

This Mama Oregon Junco has had her own plumbing problems lately because I have been soaking this plant (and her nest) every day for a couple of weeks now…and yet, here she still is….

My inspiration to hang in there….

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12 thoughts on “HELP!!!😜”

  1. Whoa. What a nightmare. It is somewhat surprising how much less we tolerate in our discomfort zone the older we get. I totally get it though. Good luck!

  2. AW! <3 That Junco is so perfectly camouflaged that noone would even know she was there, save getting up as close as you did. Her beady eyes tell the espying person to 'keep away, I'm WATCHING you!" <3 Congratulations on the DIY project gone well! 🙂

  3. I guess I should stop complaining about my $2400 hot water heater (it was the only one that will work with our aging heating system and if the heat goes down, we go down with it) and the other $400 for the Other Plumbing and the $8,000 shower reboot … and the chimney that needs repointing and the deck which is sagging.

    We were without water — and plumbing — while they redid our well. We actually had to do one of the raising money things to get the well fixed because we’d spent all the money we had getting our septic system fixed. Yes, there is MUCH joy in home ownership — and I think even greater joy in winning the lottery and moving to a brand new ranch house that has all new plumbing, electricity, roofing, heating, cooling, and a kitchen that was built after 1973.

    Good luck. We really ARE too old for this kind of crap.

    1. Sigh. I really am trying to focus on all I have to be grateful for….honest. And though there was a time when chopping my own wood and carrying my own water was wonderful, now I need help lifting the ax!

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