Lens Artists Photo Challenge 10/14/18 Changing/Changeable


Wow, this is one of my favorite photography challenges but this week, I am in awe, and pretty much left in the dust of some true artists! Not only are these entries beautiful pictures, but the knowledge and talent to change a photo to a work of art is really apparent here.

I like the following photos, mostly taken on walks in my neighborhood, but I do not know how to “change” them.

I hope you enjoy them anyway.

What an amazing time of year in the Great Northwest!

I’ll start with what I call the Wonder Wall. I wait for it to change like this every year.


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And then some plants, bushes and trees on my street, none of which I can name, but love to see as they change each year.

These first 3 are what I call Autumn Berries. No idea what they actually are…



This one looks like CANDY to me. Yum!



And I love this yellow and green one. The leaves don’t ever fall off, just change color, and then change back in the Spring.



Some more……..



Always so sad to see the last apples of the year.



Can one of the Pros please tell me why the photo I see on my computer, before transferring to my WordPress post, is sometimes so much more crisp, clear and bright???

Oh, and it changes the size also, like only posts a portion of my shot?


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10 thoughts on “Lens Artists Photo Challenge 10/14/18 Changing/Changeable”

  1. Lovely images of change. You’d need to tell us so many details before we could diagnose the ending question but one thing I’d suggest is checking the size of the photo u r posting by doing an edit (click on the little pencil that comes up when u click on the photo while writing a post)

  2. I love these natural changes on your slide and photos. They are colorful and beautiful!
    Autumn Berries are my favorite. Glad the Lens Artists is one of your favorite photo challenges. 🙂

  3. Great colours there – and I love that wall! I am afraid I cannot answer your questions really, but the crispness of a shot also is a matter of the photo itself and then of it coming up in a blog post. That does not feel exactly the same.

      1. You succeeded in capturing the beauty of it though! But that photo, have you used some software on it or is it natural – the blurred one I mean?

  4. Leya, I didn’t use anything with that pink berries/blossoms photo, the one surrounded by green. I’m thinking though, when I see it on my camera or computer screen it is smaller, crisper, and when I post it, it’s like someone has cropped it and/or enlarged and it got diffused. Maybe that’s just what happens when posting?

    Thanks for the support and what you said. I do think it’s a beautiful plant.

  5. The colors here are vibrant and alive and the words you added –
    We’re just the right amount to get a feel for you the photographer

    Like the candy one
    And the last few apples

    We see those photos as is and they are really nice – but we add your comment and it takes new life!
    So I really enjoyed that and also – the shadow on the apple tree really added to the mood of going away –

    I am not sure about the images
    Losing clarity –
    But your photos came in crisp and clear over here – and I was viewing on the reader via mobile –
    They were bright and clear!
    And one thing I do is if I have a picture with a lot of detail
    (Like recently for lens-artist stand out theme) I had a mural of a train –
    I usually try not to use he actual image because the file is too large at 3,000 x 3,000
    So I like something like 1,000 by 800 (depends on image)
    But I went back in and added the original photo and then when I chose insert –
    I chose actual size and not large –

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