Silence for WPC 1-17-18


One of my favorite moments of “Silence” is filled with the adrenaline of anticipation of NOISE…I mean BIG noise.

I have been a Blue Angels Fan my whole life! (You can read more abut that here:

I  love the deafening roar they produce as they fly over during a performance. Even the most self-conscious among us can scream, yell, whoop, yeehaw or  swear at the top of our lungs without drawing attention to ourselves. It is a rush, for sure! Better than the loudest Rock Concert ever!

But my favorite part of the show is when you can see the Angels before their sound arrives!

Those short moments of silence are the loudest thrill of my life!

Right over my house!
not even a whisper…yet!
Performance at Naval Air Museum, Pensacola

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6 thoughts on “Silence for WPC 1-17-18”

  1. I LOVE the Blue Angels too. They fly right over my house. In the old days we sat on top of the garage and watched. Now we wouldn’t be able to see them coming even if we had a garage to be on top of because of the tall trees. I like not knowing they are close and then having that loud thrilling sound.

  2. All of your posts for this week’s challenge are spot on Kathie! But I especially like this one….it’s SO true….I’ve been to countless airshows and there is always that one moment when you see the planes but don’t hear them, when the silence is almost something you can touch. Then they come blazing in and silence is obliterated! Great post and one I certainly relate to!

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