WordPress Photo Challenge-Glow 10-18-17

I realized something this week. Either I have absolutely no ability to screen my photos and prioritize, or I just have too darn many pictures to choose from.

Every time I post for the photo challenge I lead with this disclaimer/apology for posting too many. I’m going to stop doing that unless or until someone tells me I should just pick one photo, OK?

Glow brought a few pictures to mind.

I love the late afternoon, not quite sunset but here in the Northwest, the sun is low in the sky for many days of the year. It makes for some interesting lighting. My favorite thing is to come across a scene where all is darkish, in the afternoon shadows, except one sun spotlighted thing…like these.

IMG_7434IMG_7431back up ALL 8-07 06820160930_101134


This lighting seems to make things (and cats) glow and some even look like they are illuminated from within…



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