EASY GREEN for WPC 3/28/17

It IS Easy Being Green!

It might be easy to be GREEN when you are plant life growing in the Pacific Northwest. (see photo above)

We are surrounded by GREEN up here. I mean, it’s not like Kudzu in the Deep South or anything…

Mississippi river in the background

But it is fairly easy to be GREEN up here in many of the definitions of the word.

You can be “Green” by being ecologically thoughtful and responsible. (Check out Karuna’s blog or even better the latest issue of the amazing GREEN Newsletter she publishes)


Or you can be GREEN at something, like ME, still feeling like a novice at blogging. (I just published my last post with no categories or tags. Oh, and I still cannot figure out the whole photo storage system.)

Or it can represent the long and hard fought battle for many Northwest “entrepreneurs” who can now legally sell…oh nevermind.

Of course, there are times in the state of Washington when being GREEN is difficult, especially if you like the GREEN and BLUE!

Can you see the tiny “12”?

And try to imagine yourself as a budding young flower, wondering which, of a rainbow of colors, you will be…red, orange, pink, purple? And you turn out to be GREEN! Leaves are GREEN. Trees are GREEN. Flowers are not supposed to be green. But you are!

But, in any definition of the word, GREEN is a beautiful color!

Beautiful GREEN

PS You can find past issues of the GreenFriend newsletters here


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