Weekly Photo Challenge-Alphabet


I’ve already posted several times for this topic but after reading

Musings of an eccentric mind

this morning I was reminded of a long held treasure of my own right here on the couch.

A dear friend spent a whole year stitching me this lovely pillow cover. I mess with beads but this stitching stuff is a mystery to me. I can’t imagine what it took to do this piece. No one in my family is allowed to use it, and the cat that caused the tiny snag on the lower left edge was nearly banished for his treachery!

Hidden Neon Alphabet


I’ve had my hair cut by the same woman for well over 30 years. I’d follow her anywhere. But this is by far her most unusual location. She has a tiny one chair salon deep inside this old building in Seattle, among several very small odds and ends businesses, and surrounded by this wasted (in my opinion) hidden treasure from early in another century.

Take us to school


On our Train Trip, we went to the Organic Farmer’s Market, held each Saturday at this Encinitas (CA.) elementary school. The produce and various treats, and the crafts were all amazing but what really stopped me in my tracks was this wall. Each square (or tile) was created by a student in that year’s graduating class.

Encinitas has an interesting Mosaic history. My favorite story is a community battle over a piece of art deemed “graffiti” (because it was illegally installed). Here’s an article about it.




On a recent, spectacular, 3 day train trip from Seattle to Oceanside, CA., we were treated to the Art of the Alphabet all along the way. It was everywhere, on these dead railroad cars, on fences, on grassy fields, on abandoned cars, on the backs of huge buildings, deserted and otherwise…and it was obviously there just for us as no one but train passengers would ever see it. Some of the pieces were impossible to imagine in the act of their creation, installed in terrifyingly high places, or clearly accessible to authorities who would surely have halted the beautiful expressions.

These Artists, unpaid, un-thanked and hopefully unknown, were a highlight of our trip!