One last “Dance”




This is as close as I could get to the precious Dancing picture I lost. Tad, helping Lucy rise from her chair, the prolonged, swaying “hug” while she got her footing, and then always, when she was finally balanced, she would look into his eyes and smile, silently thanking him. A witness to this could easily feel their 60 plus years in love together, with goose bumps and a throat lump….

Morning Dance for WPC

Morning treesDance

Every day I’m here at home, I go outside onto my deck (huge because it is actually the flat roof over my old garage) to feed my Crows. (That is another post. As I am writing this, they are yelling at me to come out there with their breakfast…but I digress from my digression…)

Each morning, I stand in the shadow of my house, facing West and the early sun hits these tree tops long before it warms my deck.

A few days ago, I noticed something. These trees, even when there is no detectable breeze, bend and sway and ripple like they are dancing. Of course, the new theme “dance” had just been introduced so I probably had that on my mind.

I have had a powerful relationship with trees though, all my life. My Dad, when I was four years old, planted a Star Pine tree in our front yard so it could “grow up with me”. I first found God sitting on a fallen tree in the forest at 4th grade church camp. Later, in my early twenties, I discovered, forgave and accepted my body, stripped naked in the Redwoods. James and I camped along Avenue of the Giants on a long Harley road trip a few years back. Heaven.

And I chose my long-time home based on its surrounding trees.

But yesterday morning…I had an overwhelming and new sensation….these trees, planted as saplings, have been dancing for me, waving at me, to say “Good Morning Kathie” for almost 40 years now.

How have I not seen this before?

Wedding Dance for WPC


She (in red) comes from a Dancing Family. Her Dad (my adopted one), her brother (my best friend), and her brand new, after 17 years together, husband (lower right), all jumping at any chance to dance!

On her wedding day, her Mom, bed-ridden with a devastating illness she’d fought off for years, was too ill to attend, so they brought the dancing home for her mother to enjoy!

Her parents had “danced” for as long as they could. They were a stunning Air Force royalty couple in their youth, and deeply in love for more than 60 years. Before her Mom had to live in bed, her father would help her rise from chairs. Arms around her, he would scoop her up to a standing position, and then, for a few beautiful moments, there would be this dance, the two of them rocking back and forth in time to music only they would hear, arms tight around each other, until she was grounded and had her footing.

The most beautiful dance I’ve ever seen……….

Dancing Bugs for WPC


Not sure if this will work but it’s the first thing I thought of when the theme of “dance” for the Weekly Photo Challenge was announced. Maybe it’s cheating to try to post a video? But no still shot could capture this dance. I discovered it while cleaning out their terrarium a few weeks ago. I always play music while cleaning their home but apparently these guys don’t really like the Eagles or Bonnie Raitt.

Dance? Let’s! for WPC


This is my James (far right), and his off-and-on-for-30 years band mates. Here, they are last year, playing a local festival in Spokane called Pig Out in the Park, held at the site of the 1974 World’s Fair. The song? Their very hot version of “Let’s Dance”! These guys, just Bowie’s age when we lost him, can still rock!!!