weight(less) 3rd entry


The colors in our neighborhood this last Fall were pretty so I wandered around taking photos and did not discover this example of

Trapped Weightlessness until I looked more closely later.

Maybe someone’s Birthday Balloons, finally giving into gravity, only to get stuck in the top of this like-colored tree?

Or, did the balloons aim for this perfect perch in an act of rebellion against gravity? (Hey, I saw The Red Balloon as a kid…one of my all-time favorite movies.)





Close up of the escapees.

Warning: Cuteness Overload


Well, it all started early last June…..

1) This guy starts visiting regularly and riling up Phineas and Zorro (our indoor Cat Bosses).


We think this is an “Evil Wild Tomcat”, just stirring up trouble.


2) Then James has a big surprise. He sees movement under the wood pile, just beyond where we sit on our porch swing to look out over the valley. He literally drags me dripping out of my shower to come and see!!


It’s a close call but, after a while, I convince him to put this baby back where he got it as it is WAY too little for humans to mess with.

3) Then later that day I see a different but regular visitor in our yard and she is glowing so I have to take her picture.


(Can you see why she is “glowing”?)

4) James, uninterested in my Mama Deer, has stationed himself by the woodpile, you know, just in case….




5) And sure enough, look who he finds!!!!



We already have two “very bad cats” (aren’t they all?)

So I am screaming, “NO, no! For god’s sake, don’t FEED them!”


I had a hard time getting James to put them back. I’m afraid we may have several new residents if I don’t watch him (James) closely!

6) Speaking of watching closely, apparently “Evil Tom” is actually “Protective MOM!” Here she is guarding the woodpile.




7) And as if this was not enough “cute” for one day…as we arrived home from a quick trip to town, look who we nearly ran into!!!


She is still licking them off.

IMG_1988                                                  First suckle.

We watched as she led them off into the woods for safety, and no doubt, a rest.


She’s not so Robust/rotund anymore, is she?



8) Had enough Cuteness for one day??? Not so fast! We get home and have to check on our 3 new little “guest” kittens, right? And guess what!!!


We discover this white one!

Now THERE ARE FOUR!!!  So far, anyway……..

I’m exhausted from delight!

As Paul Harvey would always say “And now, the rest of the story.”

Any guesses as to which one we kept??

We eventually found homes for 3 of them, with folks who were committed to socializing these terrified kittens, but this little tough one, the smallest, would just not leave us alone. She would bound out to see us even as her siblings would scatter and hide.


Meet Lucy, named by my grandsons who wanted her to have a strong (super hero) girl name. The movie Lucy had just been released and though they were not allowed to see it, they got the idea from the previews.


(parts of this story were published previously in Pacific Northwest Green Friends Newsletter)

Next Chapter:

Lucy’s Story

Black and White, Light and Dark

I can tell a lot about my mood and general state of mind simply by what I choose to write about. I am absolutely blessed to have had a big enough range of experiences now (at 67 years old) that I can see how trauma and chaos will inevitably be balanced by joy and peace….if I can just wait long enough.

This is a disclaimer for my readers (all 4 or 5 of you now) so you can decide what you are in the mood for reading should you choose to check out my Blog on any given day.

Life has given me two very distinct kinds of experiences and I need to write about both….Consider yourself warned.

Thanks for reading either.