Abstract from Harley Road Trip


TRIP4 0-08 001

From Bellevue, Washington to Pacific Grove, California (including camping in the Redwoods). This shot taken right after we were passed by the Hell’s Angels on the freeway next to Lake Shasta …hmm, reminds me of another great story.

Watch for “The Hell’s Angels meet the Mormons”!!



Still another series for WPC Abstract

Sometimes I think I’m so “artsy”, but then I think I’m pretty funny too, so I may not be the best judge. But you can be. Tell me what you think of these shots of a rotating shadow  on my Group Room wall.


Here’s the explanation, Abstract in its own way. This is a gift from a client about “removing her mask” in therapy…..cool, huh?





Choosing another series for WPC



Again, would appreciate any feedback on which of these is good. I absolutely love reflections and accidental (“abstract”) photos! (I just wish I would remember to turn off the dang “Date” feature on my little point and shoot Nikon.)

This series looks like the accidental double exposures I used to do years ago with a film camera…uh, if you are too young, about now you are saying “film what? huh?”.

I have this great corner window that looks out on Rhododendrons and lots of birds. In the afternoons the light is ever-changing and magical! Most of these shots are trying to capture some bird through the window but there is this all glass curio cabinet that the sun hits in the later afternoon…..

Hard to discern what is inside and what is outside…….story of my life…..

Choosing all of them at once for WPC




I am so NOT a photographer but I do love taking pictures. Every now and then I accidentally capture something I really like. I think these accidents mostly fall into the “abstract” category.

I appreciate reactions and feedback so in this series, if you would tell me which one is best and why, I could learn something!


This one is dew on spiderwebs (on my back porch broom, proving how seldom I sweep!)

uh oh

Can anyone tell me… if I make a video with my own little phone and then post it on my own little blog, why in the world at the end of the video it shows that you can click on the next one, which is PORN????? (It also shows the video right before it is about a beach bug of some kind.)


If you want to see what I mean, go to my post Dancing Bugs, or wait, should I remove that?? I mean, Can I remove it???



See, maybe this is why Karuna tells me I should take the Blog course, right??