uh oh

Can anyone tell me… if I make a video with my own little phone and then post it on my own little blog, why in the world at the end of the video it shows that you can click on the next one, which is PORN????? (It also shows the video right before it is about a beach bug of some kind.)


If you want to see what I mean, go to my post Dancing Bugs, or wait, should I remove that?? I mean, Can I remove it???



See, maybe this is why Karuna tells me I should take the Blog course, right??

For “Pauses”-two of my favorite things


Grandsons and birds!

This is Juju’s first Close Encounter. At nine years old, he was instantly comfortable with a new friend’s pet.

Interesting side story; this bird’s caretakers build a cat door for the bird to come and go through…which it has for 20 years or so…Talk about your Free Bird! (Can you hear the obvious song in the background?)

Dinnertime #??? Rated “S”-for STRANGE




I love their little additional appendages by their mouth, to aid in eating I suppose, because their hands/claws are so far away from their mouths. Ingenious!!


For the short story (inside a long post) on these bugs, please read:

Walking With Intention Day 20 by Kathie Arcide