Northwest’s “dark” reputation!

Imagine, after 20 days of the third wettest (and darkest) December in history, you walk out your front door, into the cold bright sunlight….all bundled up, just to get the mail.

And you spot this late blooming rosebud among the dried out rose hips and naked trees long emptied of their  orange and yellow leaves….

“Late Bloomer” indeed.IMG_5905

Gatherings explanation?

On September 12th, 2001, out of sheer helplessness, I accidentally started a yearly gathering. That first year, in an effort to connect and support, I brought plates of my “grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies” to a couple of stations close to me. Ten years later, on 9/11/11, over 30 women, men and children, baked 57 dozen cookies for our local fire houses as well as for the EMT’s in our city. The tradition grew to include Thank You Cards from kids, and CD’s of 911 music (The Eagles, Springsteen, Alan Jackson, etc.). We divided into 6 teams to deliver to all nine houses.