Dinnertime for WPC #2


Dinner for Braveheart


Braveheart for Dinner!?

Braveheart from J 002

At this age, he fell out of the nest over our back door…twice….

Braveheart and birthday 045

Helpless on the ground!

bird, etc back up 043

We put him back with his siblings….and he survived so we called him Braveheart…

Braveheart from J 028

But the cats discovered him during his pre-flight and were full of longing……….(this one is Phineas, the Terrorist)….

Braveheart for dinner

And they were plotting to get at him……(This one is Zorro, the Gray Blade)….


But who would eat this sweet little guy for dinner?

(By the way, it took him days of hanging out on several close-by perches before he finally fledged….he was pretty damaged by his falls from the nest.)

His parents and siblings continued to drop by at dinnertime to feed him for two weeks.

Braveheart and birthday 056

Here he is, waiting to be fed….

bird, etc back up 056

And waiting to FLY!

My friend Karuna calls it “leela”*

I’m house-sitting for friends. I’m searching casually at first and then as the days pass, frantically, for the stupid garbage disposal button. I don’t have a garbage disposal at home but this is a fancy place so I know there has to be one. Where is it though?? Not on the wall, in the cabinets, in drawers, under the sink, by all the other switches?

It is NO WHERE!!


Hmm, maybe this place is fancier than I thought so next I try talking to the garbage disposal. Hey, it could work….

Uh hello, Siri? Are you there? Oops, maybe it’s Cortana? Alexa? Someone? Can anyone please just turn on the dang garbage disposal?

Nothing and now I feel really foolish. I call James, resentfully. He designs and builds these fancy places so maybe he knows where this stupid switch would be.

He, of course, tells me to check all the places I have already checked. Then he says “text me some pictures so I can see what you are looking at.” Well, now I am pissed….but I do it.

Here’s what I am looking at. I send many pictures…


He’s no help.

I give up. I go outside to sit by the fancy pool to contemplate my next move. Should I stick my hand down in there to dig out the garbage? ICK, but it is starting to smell now.


Later in the day, here is what I finally see!!!


Hey wait, where the hell was THAT little button before???


*”leela”–Hindu word for God’s Play…..