I have had a lot of “titles” in my life…the Oldest (sister), Runaway,  “Victim”, Bitch, Girlfriend, Birth-Mother, Mother (again), then Wife, yes, in that order, Student, Counselor, Student, Psychotherapist (that is only one word!), Student, Teacher, Student, Leader, Student……

All those titles came and went…But the one I am currently inseparable from is Gramma.

I also have important stories to share so I write but I don’t want the title of Writer.

I hate writing but I am driven, reluctantly answering this damn “call” to write.

So, just to be clear, I’m not a Writer. I just write.

Need more clarification? Ask me to sing a song. I sing all the time but I am NOT a singer.

One tune from me and you’ll get the distinction right away!

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